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The Google Translate API has been officially deprecated an alternative is the Microsoft Translator V2, check this article for more details.

In this post i will show you how work with the Google Translate API V2 (Labs), this API lets you automatically translates text from one language to another.


This version of the Google Translate API is in Labs, and its features might change unexpectedly until it graduates.
The Google Translate API requires the use of an API key, which you can get from the Google APIs console
Before to use this API check the Google Translate API Terms of Use.

To use the Google Translate API you must send a HTTP GET request to its URI.

The URI for a request has the following format:

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Example to making a request to translate the Hello World text from English (en) to Spanish (es) the URI must be constructed in this way

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The response in JSON format will be

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{"data":{"translations":[{"translatedText":"Hola Mundo"}]}}
To activate the auto-detection of the source language you must avoid the use of the source keyword

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and the JSON response in this case will be

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{"data":{"translations":[{"translatedText":"Hola a todos","detectedSourceLanguage":"en"}]}
crdt : Rodrigo

result :


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id = HTTP.SubmitSecure("",... ... _rest.html

  Thank you, you can upload apz example?  
rafaxplayer escribió:  Thank you, you can upload apz example?  
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dont forget change key
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code source :
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hace tiempo vi algo de esto gracias...
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as you said (copy from jquery translate plugin) google translate sdk will be publicly unavalible under sept of this year, this is due the huge amount of traffic generated.

The ms translate api will be the only usabe service right now, but google works better, for example, ms translates broken ("averiado") as "lost the virginity", a fucking bad translation...
Y como se utiliza?
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gracias sta bonito el Traslator
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