Checksum Verifier 2.0.0

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AutoPlay Media Studio Checksum Verifier 2.0.0

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1) yes seriously
2) application was packed
3) you have performed the virustotal scan (already done) and have detected the results
4) only false positives
5) now whether you want to do it or not I personally don't give a dick
6) of your comments or what you think interests me even less

another clarification ...........
the application works correctly

Olá colega um bom trabalha
I didn't say it to make you angry :badpokerface-1414089953:. The application does not open for me, I decided to analyze it and I came across this.

Pabloko already warned you that you have to put the VirusTotal link if you share binaries in this forum:
Pabloko escribió:
19 Abr 2021 23:24
hello @usamkey, executable is broken. as i advised other times, distribute your sources along the binaries. do not use installers and put virustotal links if you put binaries on this forum

also take a look at this site:
And I show you that your executable is broken, at least for me ;)

PS: Not to blame you, but after running it, I started to be redirected to movie download pages, so I think it is adware, but I'm not sure
if you can't figure out which sites to go to and which ones not to go to, the problem is yours
not the application that "in your opinion" you are unable to run
Thank you
Thanl you
Thanks dude :lol:
Thanks for this will check it out


The file you are trying to download is no longer available
thank you