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17.12.2013 (
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16.10.2019 (

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is DRIPO and Reteset is one?
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is DRIPO and Reteset is one?
No isn't the same guy
This plugin maker was released for free by the creator please tell people that and don't make them believe you are giving them something free what wasn't free. ... 4lJn7nmfAA

There was no need to spoiler it as it's public anyway
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Ams Plugin Maker
This application allows AMS users to build the following AMS plugins with only Lua scripts
Action Plugins
Object Plugins
Transition Plugins
Key Features :
Everything will be Lua based so you do not need to learn a complex programming language
You will create your plugins with only Lua scripts and application will do all other complex tasks
Application will create actions XML file for (action , object) plugins and will create a help file for all plugin types ,from wizard based intellisense system
Application provides import and export options so projects can be exported as a single package to share or backup
Application provides IDE based debugging options , if your plugin has an error then application will notify you about error and show where the erroneous code in script editor
Application encrypts source scripts and compiles with plugin file (binary)
Application automatically detects AMS and makes plugin installation automatically without asking any user input
Application provides a licensing system for the plugins ,so users of this application can create commercial plugins , or just add a protection to a project specific plugin
And More...
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