APD - Action Plugin Decompiler v1.0 by Ayrese

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Hi friends,

APD - Action Plugin Decompiler v1.0 by Ayrese

This is free for use. With this program you can Decompile AMS Action Plugins and get Lua and XML source of them.

In order to use this program, You must Active it.
It's FREE to Active and Use. Activation Process only designed for getting usage stat of program for planning to next version and program improvement.

Download and Enjoy it...

Download From Media Fire

Send me any Bug, Ideas, Suggestions and Improvement...

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I wait for a preview
Hey abood1987,
This program has a little problem in syntax highlighter editor cases error.
When I solve this problem I'll upload.

I get your request about accessing the file, I'll upload it again during 2-3 days.
ok :yes:
AMS is worst for programming and I'm Unwilling to share this program (APD). Please delete topic.