Bug - Page.CreateObject

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Hi to all
My OS is Windows 10 Enterprise
When i use Page.CreateObject function in my project and want to create a flash objecy on my page:

Draw a black square on my page and Application.GetLastError return 0 code;
Why this occur?
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Yo tengo Windows 10 PRO y me funciona perfectamente la función. Recuerda que para crear un objeto antes debes de tener la tabla de sus propiedades.
Te dejo el código:
-- Flash object properties table.
tblFlashProps = {};
tblFlashProps.FlashFile = "AutoPlay\\Flash\\example.swf";
tblFlashProps.Width = 150;
tblFlashProps.Height = 150;
tblFlashProps.X = 0;
tblFlashProps.Y = 0;
tblFlashProps.Quality = QUALITY_AUTO_HIGH;
tblFlashProps.OverrideBackground = false;
tblFlashProps.ScalingMode = SHOW_ALL;
tblFlashProps.DeviceFont = false;
tblFlashProps.Loop = true;
tblFlashProps.AutoStart = true;
tblFlashProps.BGOverrideColor  = Math.HexColorToNumber("FFFFFF");
tblFlashProps.Menu = MENU_FULL;
tblFlashProps.Visible = true;
tblFlashProps.Enabled = true;
tblFlashProps.ResizeLeft = false;
tblFlashProps.ResizeRight = false;
tblFlashProps.ResizeTop = false;
tblFlashProps.ResizeBottom = false;
tblFlashProps.TooltipText = "";
tblFlashProps.Alignment = ALIGN_DEFAULT;

Page.CreateObject(OBJECT_FLASH, "NewObject", tblFlashProps);
I wanted to make it something new. I want to see, but what good