Hey all, right I have like 100's of examples and exe's I made in the past none protected just made in basic AMS but I forgotten with editor what will let me drop my source back out, I had a blond moment and forget it all.

I know its some kind of memory viewer with Hex I think I don't remember I been out of the game way two long, sadly I don't have any uba hack idea or anything I just want to view some of my old works that's it at the moment.

I might be also converting many of my apps to github so there free for everyone as AMS now is just a bordam thing for me as I only use Windows on my netbook lol Linux and Mac systems @ home

I looked at HxD book it does not seem to find the autoplay exe for some reason what other tools should I try I know there is no password viewer or none that as worked since 7.5.

Any help would be great thanks all.