need to get color of specific pixel of a jpg image

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Hi everyone I need to be able to get a specific pixel color of an jpg image.

I tried using ssid's pixeledit.dll but it accumulates memory over a period of time if called on a timer like I need it to.

I am trying to compare the pixel color of 2 jpg images at the same x,y coordinates to see if they are relatively the same or not.

Any help would be muchly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.
use luagd or ship imagemagick
Hey thank you for the reply.

I have tried using image magick by calling it from the commandline, and it does exactly what I want except it is way to slow for what I need it for.

And I have been reading up on how to use luagd with autoplay media studio but just cant seem to figure it out.

Would you mind giving me a small example of how to use luagd with ams? Thats if you have the spare time.

Thanks again.