BassDLL por Danixu + My LEDmeters

Ejemplos y plantillas para Autoplay Media Studio.
This is an example of BassDLL, modified by me, to include a bit nicer LEDmeters!

This is my first contribution to this forum!


Av Report from virustotal: ... /analysis/

Download link:
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Hey waves, thanks for your contribution, by the way led standard default ledmeter plugin (that one made by danixu) does not load correctly...Could be that plugin not loaded or not installed in my ams folder?

Please could you edit your post, we do not use mediafire, the rules forum says it is required:
1- links (obviously you need register for free), the download link is more stable and unbrokeable along the time
2- Antivirus report by uploading your work to
3- Post both info here.

Another question what is that wsi file included in doc folder for? I dont understand what is her true use? how did you made the ledmeter ocx? I would like to see customized ledmeter instead the standard ledmeter plugin :awesome-1417754492:

Anyway thanks again
ps: It would be a good idea to make comments in some code to help people to understand those scripts code where is not easy to understand. Its my suggestion, dont bite me lol
Hey good post, put your links between hide bbcode please

cant believe people still using those old ocx plugins (based on my skelton??)
I used the original example made by Danixu. If it did not work on your pc, it is because you don't have the LEDmeter installed. But, my modifications on the project only need the BassDLL.


I dont know how to modify the post. :sorry: :hypno: :SOS: :okay-1414023544:
You can edit your post by clicking an orange square shape button with a pencil symbol on it. Is located at right upper border of your first post
The WSI file is a simple PNG image black, of the LEDmeters background.

Previously I did it: Hide file extensions in my projects!
Sorry! I forgot to change the extension.
I do not know why didnt show up this option.
mmm ..okay, send me a pm with the download link and antivirus report, please. I will modify your post for you.
Edited post, its done!
como colocaste los indicadores
se que hay un plugin que se llama LedMeter y es para eso pero no me funciona :okay-1414023544: :sorry:

i need put this indicators in my proyect
any of this call like LedMeter and dont work :okay-1414023544: :sorry:
You need to download this project! This project contais the codes and the plugin required to make the LEDMeter plugin work!
Very interesting. Thanks
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Eso lo que Busco
Muchas gracias
Ooh se ve bueno chekando gracias por su aport
Ooh se ve bueno chekando gracias por su aport