CalendarioEx does not work correctly

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Hello to everyone,
In one of my projects I have used CalendarioEx Object Plugin, but I am having a issue with it.
The compiled application does not show the calendar in every computer that is installed.
It shows this when it doesn't worksImagen
Could someone give me a tip how can I fix this issue?!

Look at this Example :

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;) ;) ;) ;)

lol skelton objects maybe the worst amalgamation of shit in autoplay ive could made hehehe

Somehow its works in my new laptop, but when I install the application into other computer still the same. Why is this happening?! Please could someone helps me.
Although somewhat late, i'll see example, and see if I can comment.
Me queda mucho por aprender de AMS, a ver si aquí consigo ver como poner el dichoso calendario
Pues no, sigo viendo lo mismo que si lo hago yo, el dichoso Skelton Object - LucasTheDuck, que no se que demonios es.
Me sumo al problema de calendarios
Algunos objetos necesitan el plugin Memory, no se si es el caso pero siempre se puede probar...
lets see this
is it been fixed
Come funziona
tnks my friend
aersh !!
Gracias :pc: