AutoPlay Obfuscator Tool [beta]

Utilidades y herramientas que nos hacen la vida mas fácil al programar en AMS.
Did this ever make it out of beta?
ohhhhhhhhhh que bueno
Obfuscated project not compatible on vitualization packer
and still readable on memory
Good hain
thank you ! pro
Es esto utilizable / estable?
thank you
tnks m8
por pabor.. gracias
Thank you for sharing this stuff but unfortunately i found that it has a limit of code line in global function?

when i try to build project with more than 2000 lines and after replacing the lua5.1 the my application will not load.. it shows on the process of Task Manager but after few seconds it will exit automatically.

So i try to delete some lines on the Global just for debugging and i leave only around 1,800 lines and used the tool encrypt the code and it works.. however if the codes go beyond that line number after using the tool and replace the lua5.1 the my build app will not work..

Anyone encounter this issue? thanks
probemos de nuevo xD
Thank you