CDD obscurer

This english section.
I feel people are not understanding this software.


Thank Rex
I will have a look

I hope it becomes useful for people it works well with hiding the CDD people that know ams will know what is is but this is more to just make your root look better if anyone like to translate the app please pm me and I will write a update dll what this app supports in another language so that it will be in your native language and you put this update dll on your source drive folder.

The errors and messages are all updateable only the rich text is not at this stage but I am sure I can also make that load its details from a string.
I don't feel many members understand the point of this software.


Just to update you all PE versions are not supported.

Seems to be good, I'll try it and then I tell you how it works, thanks.

Hi! I don't see the necessity to use your app!
why to convert to dll ?, the cdd is difficult to crack!

if you can crack the code for cdd, then your app is good , otherwise no use !

thanks, anyway for the time and patience in creating this app!

Sorry I am sick of been contact by none English people about this software, this software is NOT for hacking it was to make your cdd obscured and make your software more native.


Update: This app only works with the Retail version

Thanks mate!

1000000 thanks....
Sorry I am unable to support none English and people that just want to hack sorry.


testing... will tell my results soon


I thank the people that have used or supported this software for what it is, I will still be working on it on bunny's website but I wont be posting it here anymore, thanks.

if you find it useful then good but I wont be making it to hack anything.


I tried your application and, well ... It seems you just try to keep our hands off from a hex editor, thanks again, but I prefer the hex editor because I do not know the source code of your application, you must understand that today it is difficult to rely on this type of software or "patch" because can damage our applications even our own System, sure, without offense.

By the way ... To hack-fack just ask to Pabloko if you want to learn some about it ;)

:lol: Goodbye.

This app is NOT for hacking this is for Obscuring, this software as been tested to make sure it does not bake the software, this really is not for people that know how to do it there self, this tool is no longer going to be posted here, IR or its website only.

Thanks for reviewing the app and good bye.

i'm curiuous abot why you created a lua module just to replace 3 ansi characters


im not inmersed so much in the working process of your dll but just saying

To be able to obscure the cdd to another format you have to change the 3 ansi characters in the exe, I am sure you already know this, and the dll is how I do all my source, it make is easier for me to post updates if the client does not need updating.

I know already Pabloko if you wanted the source you have means to strip it you have already made that clear in the past, this tool was not for people as advanced as you it was just to let people hide the cdd from the root folder and hide it as another format like DLL, it still just a custom zipfile.

Reason I posted it here is most of my plugins always made it on here or on the older site, so I thought why not let you guys look at it, but it seems you guys don't like the idea of it so its been moved to IR and its own website only as you all can mostly do better then my tool.

Witch version did you take that from ? looks old.

yay, its the first, and thats not my point, your software isn't useless, it works perfectly for proporse that is made, i liked it and im sure that people here will use it.

if i can suggest you a feature, you can patch directly the win32rt.dat and irresourcereplace.dll directly so all the project generated will have a custom extension, instead to patch every app. If you just patch the autoplay framework it will generate it directly without more actions, for all the projects.

I triyed to merge the cdd with a image, but DynaZIP cannot read the file for some reason, its a very old library

Thank you for your reply, The reason I made it an stand alone patch so I didn't brake any T&S of the AMS, and I was not sure how the IDE created the zip to be able to change it to the new custom versions.

I am working on a update to BunnyHop and I will post about it here when its one, its also on IR but not really getting any following, there is a good few people following it what are not really on any forum.

So the project is not dead I just have a baby about and the new update is taking a little time, binding to another file I tested in the past and yes I had that same problem the exe couldn't read it.