com dll

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is a COM DLL compatible with ams?

com, could be a serial comm port or ms activex com object

both of them available in ams

if youre wondering about serials ports take a look in the search, ive already posted after


what im trying to do pabloko is use this dll here
so i can try and integrate a licensing system in to my app.

You could use DLL.CallFunction to call these shared dll files, but, according to documentation:
All parameters are 16-bit Unicode strings.

All return values are either 16-bit Unicode strings or 32-bit boolean values.

Functions are called with stdcall calling convention.

String parameters are passed using pointers to wide strings:

wchar_t* or wchar16_t* in C++

PWideChar in Delphi and Lazarus/Free Pascal
So, its using wide character reference, ams isnt unicode so you can have troubles here, and theyre using pointers to string so you must use AMSWMemory plugin or Alien extension to pass the pointer reference instead the string itself.

So yes, its possible but this method sucks, its payware and you should take a big effort to implement that, so it isnt very great solution with AMS.

In other hand, I can see in webpage that they have a REST api, much more easy to do that

Thank you Pabloko for simplifying it for me. and yes the api is very easy to implement but it means there requests would not be encrypted and i could simply edit the traffic with fiddler and log myself in. i no nothing
is unhackerbal but i would like to make it a bit harder to hack. also does ams support rsa encryption or is there any pluging that can be used? and are there any other licensing systems like trackmysoftware?

is a dumb thing because everybody can see the source code of your app if its made with ams...

if you used molebox would it obfuscate the source code