PHP + AMS Encrytion

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What i want to do is encrypt a string in Php and then decrypt it in ams and vise verser. The Problem is every type of encryption i look at seems to have iv, block size, Mode settings, thats where the ams help file seems to lack information or maybe im just missing it. when i try to guess the settings with Mcrypt function in Php the output is completely different. I no my way around Php but would still say im a beginner. I have searched the forum only to find a old post relating to ams6 so its a bit out dated. Have any of you come across this problem or maybe have a example that could help me?

Any help would be appreciated as i have nearly spent 2 weeks pulling my brains out over this lol.

There are a few ways of doing it, I would look in to blowfish

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if (CRYPT_BLOWFISH == 1) {
    echo 'Blowfish:     ' . crypt('rasmuslerdorf', 'jimmybob99') . "\n";
Crypto.BlowfishEncryptString('rasmuslerdorf', 'jimmybob99')
You could use hash's but remember you have to let AMS/lua how to deal with the hash, by default it does not know what it is, it really depends on what your trying to do.

Talking to php to app is easy and hiding some things you can do it many ways like I said blow fish, you can base64 it and then decode it, you can also create you own string replacement encryption.

Explain what you need to do and then we can help you better, if your trying to check login then this is not what you need.