Setup Factory v9.1.1.0

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Saludos a [email protected]
Subí la ultima versión ( de este creador de instaladores...
No tengo ni idea de que mejoras o cambios trae...
Si que funciona en teoría sin problemas (esta incluido el parche).

This release contains the following features and bug fixes:

Feature: Added a new "Start screen pinning (Windows 8)" option to the "Shortcuts" tab of Setup Factory's file properties dialog that allows you to control whether or not Start menu shortcuts will be pinned to the Windows 8 Start screen.
Feature: Added a "StartPinOption" parameter to the "Shell.CreateShortcut" action to control how shortcuts are pinned to the Windows 8 Start screen when created in the Start menu.
Feature: Added support for 32-bit .png images to the Billboard screen control.
Feature: Added the global lua boolean variable "_UseSystemCharacterSet" that can be used to override the font script setting when using custom fonts on screens. This will make the setup use the system's default character set instead.
Feature: Updated the list of constants for the "System.GetOSProductInfo" action.
Fix: Fixed a bug in the ListBox screen where "e_Details.Index" was returning an incorrect value from the "On Ctrl Message" screen event.
Fix: Fixed a bug where the auto-save feature wasn't working properly for previously created projects opened in Setup Factory.
Fix: Fixed a bug in the "DlgScrollingText.AppendLine" action where setting "ScrollToEnd" to false would not function correctly.
Fix: Fixed several issues in the OS conditions tree where checked states were incorrect in certain situations.
Fix: Fixed a bug where the "DlgBillboard.SetVisible" action wasn't working.
Fix: Fixed a bug where the List Box screen was not laying out the bottom text properly.
Fix: Fixed a bug where file names that contained square brackets could sometimes break the progress screen during installation.
Fix: Fixed a bug where the launch user session variables were not being populated with the values from the uninstall configuration file during the uninstall.
Fix: Fixed a problem where returning strings from 64-bit DLLs when using the "DLL.CallFunction" action would cause Setup Factory to crash.
Fix: Fixed a couple spelling mistakes in the German language files.

MD5: bba1126ca09c80c23e4e408037b74200 *IRSF9110.rar
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Pone los cambios lo que los pone en ingles jejejeje. como novedades trae el soporte para fijar el programa en windows 8 algo que yo ya tenia gracias a extras externos y dos tontunas mas que para poco sirven... lo demás son todo reparaciones de errores...

cuando tenga algo de tiempo lo bajo! muchas gracias!
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