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Hello everyone, i need help regarding sending data into remote host using TCP/IP or UDP
Our teacher created an application that can merely receive data using TCP/IP or UDP, now she want us to create a simple application in any language that we can send data to her application,

example: Her application is running in this IP: Port 6524

so i think using AMS if its possible.

i found example_TCP_SERVER_MULTITHREADED i tried but the connection becomes lost after few minutes.
anyone can provide simple example apz for this? thank you so much.

For this job theres already luasocket, googles basic udp client:
local socket = require("socket")
udp = socket.udp()
udp:setpeername("", 5474)
To test it you can use simplest network tool "nc" from here:

Open you server by running <nc.exe -u -l 5474> it will listen for udp datagrams then run your program, you must see the output on console