How to revert back to project build

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I created a catalogue application called Speccy Game List, to categorise my games collection with AMS 8.0. The apz is missing and can't amend my catalogue. I have the SpeccyGameList.exe which can run the Application.
I would like to add more features to my catalogue.

Her is my question
Can I revert back to build state from the SpeccyGameList.exe
I can add my SpeccyGameList here if anyone can help.

I hope this can be done, as I have put a lot of time and effort into it. I know it's my fault I should have backed up my files.
lesson learnt.

Can anyone help please.
if you have not protected the exe/cdd files you can use AMSUnpacker

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and Project Dumper


open with notepad the file _proj.dat generated by AMSUnpacker and recreate the apz file

Thank you Thank you Thank you
Worked a treat.
Much appreciated
gracias :pc:
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usamakey escribió:
25 Jun 2018 22:10
Project Dumper
Just this