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Buenas amigos, esta vez a tocado actualizar Syntax Highlighter.

Como podréis ver he reparado el error que sucedía al poner scripts muy largos el avatar se desplazaba, tambien he traducido todos los textos de este Mod, y por ultimo he añadido la la opción de "Expandir" (Expand) y he fijado el tamaño de muestra, si queréis que de serie el cuadro sea mas grande es solo modificar un numero así que es algo realmente fácil de hacer, espero que os guste y os sea de gran utilidad.


Ejemplo Practico:

--Function Resize_OnSize;
--This function is in place to reduce the amount of code that must go on
--each pages "On Size" event
function Resize_OnSize (PageWidth,PageHeight)
        if bFirstRun then
                bFirstRun = false;

--Function Resize_OnPreLoad();
--This function is in place to reduce the amount of code that must go on
--each pages "On Preload" event
function Resize_OnPreLoad()
        Size = Page.GetSize();
        if not bFirstRun then

-- This is a global variable that is used to determine the first time that
-- This page has been Accessed
bFirstRun = true;

--Function setOriginalPageSize
--This function is used to set a global table with the original page
--size of your project
function setOriginalPageSize(WidthO,HeightO)
        -- Store these values in a global table. This action is only
        -- performed once.
        tblOriginalSize = {Width=WidthO,Height=HeightO};

--Function RevertSize
--This function puts all objects back to their original position and size
--This makes the page look proper if the project is resized on a different
function Resize_OnClose ()
        -- Stop the page from redrawing temporarily. If this was not in place
        -- you would see a flash of the original objects before it is resized
        -- when you jump pages.
        -- The loop will go through all of the entries in the global table tblOriginalPos
        -- and set all of the objects back to their original state.
        for i = 1, Table.Count(tblOriginalPos) do
                -- Get the table that is stored in the global table on every itteration of
                -- the loop
                tblPos = tblOriginalPos[i];
                -- The next if -> elseif block determines which type of object
                -- is currently in the table tblPos
                if tblPos.ObType == OBJECT_BUTTON then
                        -- If it is a Button then set it back to its original size
                        -- If it is a Button then set it back to its original Position
                        Button.SetPos(tblPos.ObName, tblPos.X, tblPos.Y);
                elseif tblPos.ObType == OBJECT_LABEL then
                        Label.SetPos(tblPos.ObName, tblPos.X, tblPos.Y);
                elseif tblPos.ObType == OBJECT_PARAGRAPH then
                        Paragraph.SetPos(tblPos.ObName, tblPos.X, tblPos.Y);
                elseif tblPos.ObType == OBJECT_IMAGE then
                        Image.SetPos(tblPos.ObName, tblPos.X, tblPos.Y);
                elseif tblPos.ObType == OBJECT_FLASH then
                        Flash.SetPos(tblPos.ObName, tblPos.X, tblPos.Y);
                elseif tblPos.ObType == OBJECT_VIDEO then
                        Video.SetPos(tblPos.ObName, tblPos.X, tblPos.Y);
                elseif tblPos.ObType == OBJECT_WEB then
                        Web.SetPos(tblPos.ObName, tblPos.X, tblPos.Y);
                elseif tblPos.ObType == OBJECT_INPUT then
                        Input.SetPos(tblPos.ObName, tblPos.X, tblPos.Y);
                elseif tblPos.ObType == OBJECT_HOTSPOT then
                        Hotspot.SetPos(tblPos.ObName, tblPos.X, tblPos.Y);
                elseif tblPos.ObType == OBJECT_LISTBOX then
                        ListBox.SetPos(tblPos.ObName, tblPos.X, tblPos.Y);
                elseif tblPos.ObType == OBJECT_COMBOBOX then
                        ComboBox.SetPos(tblPos.ObName, tblPos.X, tblPos.Y);
                elseif tblPos.ObType == OBJECT_PROGRESS then
                        Progress.SetPos(tblPos.ObName, tblPos.X, tblPos.Y);
                elseif tblPos.ObType == OBJECT_TREE then
                        Tree.SetPos(tblPos.ObName, tblPos.X, tblPos.Y);
                elseif tblPos.ObType == OBJECT_PLUGIN then     


--Function getOriginalPositions
--This function enumerates all objects on the current page. It then stores
--information about the objects in a global table to be used for a
--reference point to perform the position and size adjustments
--The following information is stored about each object:
-- Object Name
-- Object Type
-- Width
-- Height
-- Position X
-- Position Y
function getOriginalPositions ()
        -- The master table that contains information about each object on the page
        tblOriginalPos = {};
        -- The table that will be stored in the above master table. Each objects
        -- information will be stored in the below table
        Pos = {};
        -- Get all of the objects on a page
        Objects = Page.EnumerateObjects();
        -- Loop through each object on the page
        for i = 1, Table.Count(Objects) do
                -- Find out what TYPE of object it is.
                Type = Page.GetObjectType(Objects[i]);
                -- If it is a Button then
                if Type == OBJECT_BUTTON then
                        -- Get the size
                        Size = Button.GetSize(Objects[i]);
                        -- Get the Position
                        Position = Button.GetPos(Objects[i]);
                        -- Set the table up to store this information
                        Pos = {W=Size.Width,H=Size.Height,X=Position.X,Y=Position.Y,ObName=Objects[i],ObType=OBJECT_BUTTON};
                        -- Store the 'Pos' table in the master table tblOriginalPos
                        tblOriginalPos[i] = Pos;       
                elseif Type == OBJECT_LABEL then
                        Size = Label.GetSize(Objects[i]);
                        Position = Label.GetPos(Objects[i]);   
                        Pos = {W=Size.Width,H=Size.Height,X=Position.X,Y=Position.Y,ObName=Objects[i],ObType=OBJECT_LABEL};
                        tblOriginalPos[i] = Pos;
                elseif Type == OBJECT_PARAGRAPH then
                        Size = Paragraph.GetSize(Objects[i]);
                        Position = Paragraph.GetPos(Objects[i]);
                        Pos = {W=Size.Width,H=Size.Height,X=Position.X,Y=Position.Y,ObName=Objects[i],ObType=OBJECT_PARAGRAPH};
                        tblOriginalPos[i] = Pos;
                elseif Type == OBJECT_IMAGE then
                        Size = Image.GetSize(Objects[i]);
                        Position = Image.GetPos(Objects[i]);   
                        Pos = {W=Size.Width,H=Size.Height,X=Position.X,Y=Position.Y,ObName=Objects[i],ObType=OBJECT_IMAGE};
                        tblOriginalPos[i] = Pos;
                elseif Type == OBJECT_FLASH then
                        Size = Flash.GetSize(Objects[i]);
                        Position = Flash.GetPos(Objects[i]);
                        Pos = {W=Size.Width,H=Size.Height,X=Position.X,Y=Position.Y,ObName=Objects[i],ObType=OBJECT_FLASH};
                        tblOriginalPos[i] = Pos;
                elseif Type == OBJECT_VIDEO then
                        Size = Video.GetSize(Objects[i]);
                        Position = Video.GetPos(Objects[i]);   
                        Pos = {W=Size.Width,H=Size.Height,X=Position.X,Y=Position.Y,ObName=Objects[i],ObType=OBJECT_VIDEO};
                        tblOriginalPos[i] = Pos;
                elseif Type == OBJECT_WEB then
                        Size = Web.GetSize(Objects[i]);
                        Position = Web.GetPos(Objects[i]);
                        Pos = {W=Size.Width,H=Size.Height,X=Position.X,Y=Position.Y,ObName=Objects[i],ObType=OBJECT_WEB};
                        tblOriginalPos[i] = Pos;
                elseif Type == OBJECT_INPUT then
                        Size = Input.GetSize(Objects[i]);
                        Position = Input.GetPos(Objects[i]);
                        Pos = {W=Size.Width,H=Size.Height,X=Position.X,Y=Position.Y,ObName=Objects[i],ObType=OBJECT_INPUT};
                        tblOriginalPos[i] = Pos;
                elseif Type == OBJECT_HOTSPOT then
                        Size = Hotspot.GetSize(Objects[i]);
                        Position = Hotspot.GetPos(Objects[i]); 
                        Pos = {W=Size.Width,H=Size.Height,X=Position.X,Y=Position.Y,ObName=Objects[i],ObType=OBJECT_HOTSPOT};
                        tblOriginalPos[i] = Pos;
                elseif Type == OBJECT_LISTBOX then
                        Size = ListBox.GetSize(Objects[i]);
                        Position = ListBox.GetPos(Objects[i]);
                        Pos = {W=Size.Width,H=Size.Height,X=Position.X,Y=Position.Y,ObName=Objects[i],ObType=OBJECT_LISTBOX};
                        tblOriginalPos[i] = Pos;
                elseif Type == OBJECT_COMBOBOX then
                        Size = ComboBox.GetSize(Objects[i]);
                        Position = ComboBox.GetPos(Objects[i]);
                        Pos = {W=Size.Width,H=Size.Height,X=Position.X,Y=Position.Y,ObName=Objects[i],ObType=OBJECT_COMBOBOX};
                        tblOriginalPos[i] = Pos;
                elseif Type == OBJECT_PROGRESS then
                        Size = Progress.GetSize(Objects[i]);
                        Position = Progress.GetPos(Objects[i]);
                        Pos = {W=Size.Width,H=Size.Height,X=Position.X,Y=Position.Y,ObName=Objects[i],ObType=OBJECT_PROGRESS};
                        tblOriginalPos[i] = Pos;
                elseif Type == OBJECT_TREE then
                        Size = Tree.GetSize(Objects[i]);                       
                        Position = Tree.GetPos(Objects[i]);
                        Pos = {W=Size.Width,H=Size.Height,X=Position.X,Y=Position.Y,ObName=Objects[i],ObType=OBJECT_TREE};
                        tblOriginalPos[i] = Pos;
                elseif Type == OBJECT_PLUGIN then      

--Function SetSize
--This function is where the calculations for resizing and repositioning
--takes place. It accepts a page Width and Height as parameters. It then
--finds the ration between the original paage size and the current page size.
--Every object on the page is then repositioned and resized by the ration
--of the difference in size.
function SetSize (Width,Height)
        -- Get the original size of the page/project
        OriginalWidth = tblOriginalSize.Width;
        OriginalHeight = tblOriginalSize.Height;

        -- Calculate the difference between the original page size and the current
        RatioW = Width / OriginalWidth;
        RatioH = Height  / OriginalHeight;
        -- Turn off the redraw
        -- Now loop through the table that stores information about each object
        --and reposition and resize them according to the above ratio
        for i=1, Table.Count(tblOriginalPos) do
                -- Each item in tblOriginalPos is a table that holds specific informtion about
                -- that object
                tblProps = tblOriginalPos[i];
                -- If the item is a Button
                if tblProps.ObType == OBJECT_BUTTON then
                        -- Set the position of the object
                        Button.SetPos(tblProps.ObName,tblProps.X * RatioW, tblProps.Y * RatioH);
                        -- Set the size of the object
                        Button.SetSize(tblProps.ObName,tblProps.W * RatioW,tblProps.H * RatioH);
                elseif tblProps.ObType == OBJECT_LABEL then
                        Label.SetPos(tblProps.ObName,tblProps.X * RatioW, tblProps.Y * RatioH);
                        Label.SetSize(tblProps.ObName,tblProps.W * RatioW,tblProps.H * RatioH);
                elseif tblProps.ObType == OBJECT_PARAGRAPH then
                        Paragraph.SetPos(tblProps.ObName,tblProps.X * RatioW, tblProps.Y * RatioH);
                        Paragraph.SetSize(tblProps.ObName,tblProps.W * RatioW,tblProps.H * RatioH);
                elseif tblProps.ObType == OBJECT_IMAGE then
                        Image.SetPos(tblProps.ObName, tblProps.X * RatioW, tblProps.Y * RatioH);
                        Image.SetSize(tblProps.ObName, tblProps.W * RatioW, tblProps.H * RatioH);
                elseif tblProps.ObType == OBJECT_FLASH then
                        Flash.SetPos(tblProps.ObName,tblProps.X * RatioW, tblProps.Y * RatioH);
                        Flash.SetSize(tblProps.ObName,tblProps.W * RatioW,tblProps.H * RatioH);
                elseif tblProps.ObType == OBJECT_VIDEO then
                        Video.SetPos(tblProps.ObName,tblProps.X * RatioW, tblProps.Y * RatioH);
                        Video.SetSize(tblProps.ObName,tblProps.W * RatioW,tblProps.H * RatioH);
                elseif tblProps.ObType == OBJECT_WEB then
                        Web.SetPos(tblProps.ObName,tblProps.X * RatioW, tblProps.Y * RatioH);
                        Web.SetSize(tblProps.ObName,tblProps.W * RatioW,tblProps.H * RatioH);
                elseif tblProps.ObType == OBJECT_INPUT then
                        Input.SetPos(tblProps.ObName,tblProps.X * RatioW, tblProps.Y * RatioH);
                        Input.SetSize(tblProps.ObName,tblProps.W * RatioW,tblProps.H * RatioH);
                elseif tblProps.ObType == OBJECT_HOTSPOT then
                        Hotspot.SetPos(tblProps.ObName, tblProps.X * RatioW, tblProps.Y * RatioH);
                        Hotspot.SetSize(tblProps.ObName,tblProps.W * RatioW,tblProps.H * RatioH);
                elseif tblProps.ObType == OBJECT_LISTBOX then
                        ListBox.SetPos(tblProps.ObName,tblProps.X * RatioW, tblProps.Y * RatioH);
                        ListBox.SetSize(tblProps.ObName,tblProps.W * RatioW,tblProps.H * RatioH);
                elseif tblProps.ObType == OBJECT_COMBOBOX then
                        ComboBox.SetPos(tblProps.ObName,tblProps.X * RatioW, tblProps.Y * RatioH);
                        ComboBox.SetSize(tblProps.ObName,tblProps.W * RatioW,tblProps.H * RatioH);
                elseif tblProps.ObType == OBJECT_PROGRESS then
                        Progress.SetPos(tblProps.ObName,tblProps.X * RatioW, tblProps.Y * RatioH);
                        Progress.SetSize(tblProps.ObName,tblProps.W * RatioW,tblProps.H * RatioH);
                elseif tblProps.ObType == OBJECT_TREE then
                        Tree.SetPos(tblProps.ObName,tblProps.X * RatioW, tblProps.Y * RatioH);
                        Tree.SetSize(tblProps.ObName,tblProps.W * RatioW,tblProps.H * RatioH);

        -- Allow the page to redraw once all objects have been adjusted

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Me Gusta.. Me Gusta..
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