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I posted it in IR but no reply yet.

Hello everyone.. is anyone here expert or knows more about grid ex?
I cannot get the whole data from a rows with checkbox.

example in my GridEx has:

Row1 Row2 Row3 Row4
Checkbox Toyota Wego 2019

if the checkbox is true i will get the ff data: "Toyota, Wego, 2019"

anyone can share there expertise how to get it? Thanks
you are welcome
this is an example code put in "OnChexbox" in GridEx Event :
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so you can see DownloadActionList in above code it is an table name You can advertise it at the start page event
in this way :

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Remember if you tell us an apz file you will find the help you need exactly as you want
Hello i dont know how to attached apz here so i just make a screenshot


my aim is to get all the column text if the checkbox is true and print it in a paragraph..

Thank you

Here you are :

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Thank you my friend its really hard for me to get it.. now by your help it was solved for me..
Hi abood1987, IR i found example to Ascend Grid item but not exactly correct in GridEx is there a way to Ascending by Number or by Name whats in the grid?

Example it i click on the Word Brand it will Ascend/Descend by Brand same with others.

im searching a way out but nothing found or maybe i skipped it..

yes i can
But put your complete example here to modify it correctly.
sure, once we have stable internet i will share it..