scilexer.dll CharAdded Event

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Hi all

in below example, i create a code editor for highlighting lua codes with scilexer.dll
i can send standard scintilla message to it

but i do now know how can i define CharAdded event

is way to detect CharAdded event ??

note (i know scintilla object plugin that published by reteset. but i strongly need to create my code editor with scilexer.dll)

APZ Example : ... llback.apz
ok look at this example :

Hidebb Message Hidden Description
so Thanks @abood1987
i know how to create advanced editor for any languages with Object Plugin like "Scintilla"
but i want to know how to detect messages from a library !!
Hi all

i understand how to get event OnCharAdd event from scilexer.dll library
it is easy with MemoryEx action plugin and Subclass.Create function

now, can you help me to get current line text in my example ??

i know how do it with scintilla object plugin (your self learn me) :
local Count, Content = Scintilla.SendMessage(Object, TabID, "num", SCI_GETCURLINE, "num", 0, "pstr", 0);
return Content;
but with scilexer.dll maybe above code should change little !!

so thanks

APZ Example : ... llback.apz
Of course Used this Code :

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Currnt_line = LuaScriptEditor.GetCurrentLineNumber(Handle)
Dialog.Message("", Currnt_line);

we are Here :)
Hi abood
i self wrote that example (scilexer)
i want know, how to get current line text ??
Hi all

no need.
i self resolved it.
Хочу посмотреть скрытый текст :SOS: