Requested to all admins,moderators and users

Como indica el nombre del foro en el moveremos todos los temas de dudas que se resuelvan con exito .
Este foro no tendra permisos de escritura.
Requested to all admins,moderators and users,
A lot of useful download links are dead on this forum. I and also i have a request to all that please donu upload your files on following sites :

Probelem is:
It shows link like this :
When you click it will :
And redicted to :
and it counts 60 seconds and then shows :
This file does not exist, the access to the following file is limited or it has been removed due to infringement of copyright.

it Shows : FBI warrant

Problem is : File not found.

But i never found any problem with So i think is the best.

Anyway i seems a lot of links are dead. i am looking them and i trying to upload them from my pc to net. If you miss any file or see any links is dead please tell us here what you need (i means which link you see dead when you tried to downloading) i must give you to upload that program on net. I am always here to help you 27/7 hours. I am also and forever with those peoples who loves the ams programming and a regular visitor I must helps them peoples all time !

So please tell me if you see any link is dead or need any type programming help. I have a lot time to help lovers ! :pc: :pc:

I am now looking for all dead links and re-uploaded on net by myself. :normas: :normas:

have a nice day . Sorry for my . :sorry: :sorry:

thanks se agradece la colaboración, si tu subes archivos fallidos , postealos aquí y algún moderador lo actualizara.
this  is  good  idea  pavel

if  you  have  any  link  who  is No longer exists  you can  add this  in  his  site

We will verify and review are then added in the first topic
thank you rafax and abood bro for your support and reply. Now i am checking all downlads links and collecting eroor links. I will start posting on here new links very soon.