On Key (Key Up and Key Down)

Como indica el nombre del foro en el moveremos todos los temas de dudas que se resuelvan con exito .
Este foro no tendra permisos de escritura.
I want to do something on ams like track pressing key is down or up.
I means i want to add something like :
If user of my program hold pressing key "A" then application will keep running and when stop hold pressing that key then application will stop.

In a word : if key "A" is up then application will exit and if "A" is down then application will keep running.

I think its possible on ams. Because there is a option "On Key". but what the code i have to write. :hypno:

Anyway if anyone know or do it already then just suggest me how to do.

Thanks in advanced.

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thanks ceone , i will try it
take a look
thanks thanks thanks for trying it.Ok i am going to check it. I hope this will the best solution for me !
THX Ceone