HexEditor lua module for ams

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Hello, first thanks @abedc18 for the donation to the forums for this year's domain maintenance, as a present im releasing a beta object for hex editing.


It features a complete hex editor using be.hexeditor component. It requires .net framework 4 to run (windows 7 sp3+) and its fully written in c#. Source code is attached to this post.

Quick reference:
HexEditor.Setup(hwnd_dest) -- Setup the hexbox over some hwnd (tree for example)
HexEditor.SetText(string) -- Set hex editor contents from literal string, can be binary
string=HexEditor.GetString() --Obtain contents on hex editor to literal string that can be binary
HexEditor.SetFile(file_path_string) -- Opens a file to hexbox
HexEditor.SaveFile() --save the contents of file opened, wont work if loaded with SetString
HexEditor.Move() -- it will automaticly resize to host hwnd, put on resize event
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very thanks Pablo :penguin:
thank you very much
this is the best forum forever
tnks my friend