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muchas gracias :D
Pabloko escribió: ACTUALIZACION LuaJIT 2.0.4


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muchas gracias..!
Hi dear Pabloko,
i want to use this lua Engine , But is incompatible with the MemoryEx Plugin and exits the program. Why ? :bug:
Please create a blank project.Then add MemoryEx plugin to the project, and try to run the program with this engine. :expolota
Please help me. :SOS:
I dont have this plugin, send to me and i will test. Probably was badly linked
muy buen aporte. Gracias!

unfortunately i cannot trace it correctly since i dont have a lot of free time.

seems that the plugin is badly coded at module initialization, luajit is way more sensible to stack errors producing an instant crash, while lua vm manages to keep enviroment running. Also it could be dynamicaly linked to standard lua vm so in both cases i wont fix it (patch or remap)

said this, you dont need memoryex module since luajit has way better module called ffi. take a look at this sample modules http://wiki.luajit.org/FFI-Bindings
i will try this thanks
Grandioso, testeando...

Muchas Gracias
:pc: Probando probando!!! :lol:
Gracias. No se ha vuelto a actualizar?
Edit: >> Ya he leído que si y los motivos que tienes (muy lógico) para no poder estar al tanto de todo, gracias.
thank you
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