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Metafunken escribió: Abood you should make some tutorials, I saw you in "action" and I guess you know a lot how to use it.

But the tutorials will be in English :) Will there be a mind :)


english tutorial will b good


thnks man


Pabloko escribió:this-a-shit
Ahora si empato contigo mi buen, ya no lo necesito ;)


letsee it.. thanks..

New version now exists :

A new version of Ams Plugin Maker is available

Version :

What's New :
  • Bug fixed where setting a custom icon for an object plugin was causing application to crash.
  • Typo fixed where help topic title of Edit Action Example dialog was named as Add Action Example.
  • Bug fixed where if initial object properties of object plugin projects was skipped then create project dialog was setting default object with and height to 0.
  • Bug fixed where deleting an item from intellisense panel was causing deletion of everything.
  • Bug fixed where code examples was not formatted properly on generation of plugin help file.
  • Bug fixed where opening an export file was causing application to lock when application was configured to run as administrator.
  • Run as administrator buttons removed, Application will require administrator rights strictly.
  • Bug fixed where apply licence check on debug property was not work properly.
  • Bug fixed where insert first serial property was not work properly on both debug and publish settings.
  • Bug fixed where edit argument dialog was removing previously entered default value.
  • Bug fixed where incorrect default value being added to actions XML document of plugin when the default value is left blank.
  • Bug fixed where some error message dialogs was showing incorrect error messages.
  • Bug fixed where incorrenct plugin name warnings was appearing on the systems with DBCP code page.
  • New Action Grouping feature added to intellisense panel , Actions can be grouped now and grouped actions will be shown as grouped in help manual.
  • Add/Edit action dialog changed with a new tabed wizard.
  • Add/Edit action argument dialog changed updated and enumeration management moved to this dialog to manage enumerations easily.
  • New Cut Action, Copy Action, Paste Action options added to intellisense context menus.
  • New Copy and Paste buttons added to (notes,examples,arguments) pages of action wizard.
  • Tab order and positions of Lua Type and Editor Type fields of add/edit argument dialog was changed and description field was enlarged.
  • New Required field added to argument editor dialog.
  • New Value field added to enumeration item editor dialog.
  • New module system has been added.
  • New properties added to editor settings under the Miscellaneous category to adjust selection font and background color.
  • Object plugin events will be added from the events wizard and they will automatically be defined by compiled plugin. Because of this update , GetNumEvents and GetEvent functions are no longer needed.
  • New embedded resource support has been added.
  • New ResourceDoesExist , ResourceExtractToFile , ResourceGetSize, ResourceExtractToBuffer actions added to __Plugin group to manage embedded resources with code.
  • New ModalDialogBoxOpen and ModalDialogBoxClose actions added to __Plugin group to easily open and close modal dialogs for plugin properties or any other purpose.
  • Initial (default) value of Apply UPX Compression is set to false on Debug and Publish settings.
  • Initial (default) value of Make Help File is set to false on Debug settings.
  • New Save As dialog and related menu items added to save current project with a different name.

Muy Bueno...!


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quero ver

So, now, where to download it when host is down :v

Sorry tema cerrado :friends:
Open again :demo:
buen aporte cachareros :dancing: