Lua Buffer Dumper

Utilidades y herramientas que nos hacen la vida mas fácil al programar en AMS.
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:pc: maybe this will help me.
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Nice tool but I was playing with since he as not updated in along time and does not credit all the hard work others gave him for his bloody tool he didn't make it all others from IR and other websites helped him but hey so I was poking about and it returns at in one place



I think this is on the start up I can't tell, so is this saying its unable to get some of the code I just thought I would throw it out there since you like to show people how easy its to walk around AMS and if its not that easy with this what is it and should we use it to protect AMS little better?
Well seems you have good access but this app uses compiled chunks of code instead letting the lua interpreter generate it.

As i think code should be placed as compiled (output oc luac) but these days its so easy to convert back lua bytecode to pseudocode with ease with tools like LuaDec or unluac.

Maybe you should crack cdd protection with cdd password tool on this forum, then pass these codez to any decompiler to get the profit.
i tried the password tool 1.2.1 with no luck to try the luadec/unluac and cant seem to fine the exe in hxd he did a good job to protect this app but i also found out the app is now dead but he still sells it, but still a good test to hack i guess.

i am most likely been slow/for got the basics to get the cdd source lol
i dont have much time until next week but yea, threy have different runtime than everyone else.

As i see the password is
-A&@#JE/<ak><&[email protected]\nx3Dft>?#@(JHfKSH:OAUScareful[w|D*$g.&

but it dont work surely they made some changes to this keys on the fly, this weekend i will get it.

in the mean time look those chunks (its not everithing but has licensing part)

So if you compile a lua dll that spams "Poduct.Registered=true Product.RegisteredCode=1" and maybe replace reg function by blank functions, you will have full cracked version

If you dont have luck tell me, and i will crack it when have some time
Well u know i love owning those script kiddies, so had a minute in my coffee break and made a full patch for musicjacker


so, what i did with this its just as suggested, compiled my own lua5.1.dll with a malicius payload.

i've edited luaL_openlib that is used by lua engine a lot of times during app lifecicle, and added at end of fuction this:
lua_pop(L, nup); /* remove upvalues */
luaL_dostring(L, " if (not Product) then Product={} end Product.Registered=true Product.RegisteredCode=0 if(not musicjacker) then musicjacker={} end musicjacker.ProductRegistration = function(a,b,c) return true end ");
so i just spam this code and replace registration values and remove the license checking function. very quick and easy.

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With this are you able to dump the code they are hiding with luaQ? so many people are upset with this tool not working right as he is a wanker and stop supporting it, looking at it it can be fixed but not by a dll fix it would need to be a app redo

I need to learn how to complie dlls lol this was a very intresting fix :)
ive posted the code on a dump u can what int on memory dump of app (use process hacker>memory tool) you can fix problems by re-referencing functions with fixed code. but yea tested the app and it dont work. pure crap.
I have the basics of the app since many of use helped the tit make it, I think I could create a new app to work when I am board thanks anyway, what is the best way to make the lua5 dll like you have to spam a app? where did you get the source from and what's best thing to complie it with, no point wasting all my time :) I can try and at least learn from this :)
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you can use mak.2008 sln and open it with any visual studio, go to project lua5.1.dll and edit what u need, in my case ive edited luaj_openlib i think...

you can replace defective functions on the injected code by overwriting them as i did with musicjacker.ProductRegistration.

you can take a look at the dump ive posted, no app redo needed, just replace defective dl functions with new ones.
Pablo que crees que podriamos hacerle a la máquina virtual de lua para que no sea tan explicita.
Thedary escribió:Pablo que crees que podriamos hacerle a la máquina virtual de lua para que no sea tan explicita.
Bueno lo que planteas es complejo. Como respuesta rapida te diria que es practicamente imposible proteger la ejecucion de una vm stacked como lua, es lo que digo, si el cliente lo puede ejecutar lo puede decompilar.

Otra cosa es hacer la vida del hacker una mierda, dandole tanto trabajo que realmente no merezca la pena intentarlo.

Yo tengo algunos metodos pero la verdad es que no los uso porque en realidad no me importa que se vean mis sources mientras lo complicado sea editarlos.

Lo principal para combatir la lectura de memoria es compilar los scripts lua en bytecode. eso hara que dejen de estas visibles en un ram dump. Luego hay una batalla de cosas que puedes hacer para hacer mas tedioso y complicado acceder. Por ejemplo, en las Technical notes de lua veras una forma de desabilitar el lexer de lua mediante luaY_parser, esto desabilitara la ejecucion de codigo lua "plano" y solo permitira el uso de bytecode.

Como tambien existen herramientas para decompilar bytecode lua como unluac o luadec, se puede obstaculizar editando el motor de lua, por ejemplo, en un juego que estoy haciendo un multiplayer (bully se, rockstar) cambiaron el tipo de lua number de double a float, esto dejaba inservibles los decompilers (hasta que encontre el detalle) pero vamos asi se pueden hacer diversos cambios en tipos, opcodes de lua etc que haran una mierda extrema intentar decompilar los scripts.

Tambien es conveniente colocar las funciones criticas y llamadas en lenguaje nativo y aplicar tecnicas, packers etc... Pero al final, lo hackeare. :dancing:
thank u so much