Action Plugin FireBird v1.1

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FireBird is an action plugin for AutoPlay Media Studio that allows you to connect and manage a FireBird database

· Plugin provides connecting to a FireBird database through a local or remote server
· Plugin does not require any external dependency like drivers, connectors etc..
· Plugin provides FireBird's service functionality with an easy syntax
· Plugin provides creating new databases and deleting exisiting databases
· Plugin provides custom actions for different data types like (DATE , TIME , BLOB)
· Plugin supports executing prepared statements that allow to insert big BLOB datas or other conditional tasks
· Easy to use

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wao que sorpresa , pero no me enterao todavia pa que es XD
Igual yo.. para que sirve??
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firebird es un sistema de base de datos
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thank you

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FireBird Action Plugin

muy bueno , bro eres el mejor