Matrix Object Plugin For AMS 8

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Hi to all
in last night i try to build matrix object plugin similar that is exist for ams 7
i know this plugin is not very beauty, but for first try is not bad
i will so happy if you use it in your project

Screenshot :

Download link :
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Muchas gracias por tu aporte.
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thank you so much dowsher for your suggest
dear dowsher, i can not speak Spanish
Very Good ;)

You will have a wonderful future with making Plugins :yes:

Thank you so much abood !!!

i build a new version of matrix object plugin ( with add text to matrix property

price : freeeee

Download link :

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Screenshot :
what is the Program Making this Plugin ? AMS Plugin Maker ?
i build it with ams plugin maker
why ?
This is a very good maker for the Plugins and easy to use ;)
I hope that I can buy it in the future when the improving economic situation in Egypt
The dollar has now become too high :hypno:

Greetings mahdi1993

این ساز بسیار خوبی برای پلاگین ها و آسان برای استفاده است
من امیدوارم که من می توانید آن را در آینده خرید زمانی که بهبود وضعیت اقتصادی در مصر
دلار در حال حاضر بیش از حد بالا تبدیل
سلام مهدی 1993
my dear brother, you should not sad for buy ams plugin maker
i have a version of it and one of my friend working on it to crack it
when he give me a crack version of that, i send it to you

i promise ...

قال علی علیه السلام : الزکات علوم، فی نشره
ok thanks mahdi1993 :friends:
you send, i crack :)
ok pabloco
in very soon time i send it in to forum
Muy buen plugin