Draw Action Plugin + Full version DIY crack

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Hola, os dejo muy rapido el plugin Draw por el que me preguntan insistentemente.

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¿¿Como pasar de TRIAL a FULL?? :shrug-1414032234:

-Abrir draw.lmd en un editor hexadecimal (hxd)
-Ir a la posicion de memoria "A0AB"
-Sustituir 74 por 75
-Ya eres hacker

Si quieres saber un poco mas acerca del tema, esa direccion corresponde a la comprobacion de trial en la funcion irPlg_Action_RegisterActions


Por tanto el opcode jz [74] (jump if zero) lo sustituimos por 75 [jnz] (jump if not zero) y el binario ahora hara justo lo contrario que deseaba el pobre iluso que penso que asi valia.... :troll-1414023002: pasar por la funcion sub_10026b5 que contiene la creacion del dialogo de trial y crea un thread para cerrar el app a los 5 minutos. :ermygerd:

enfinnnn, seguridad de autoplay :hodor-1414028801:
Amigo s sierto eso lo quise hacer pero no me daba haora lo probare, eres el GRACIAS, GRACIAs, Gracias...
Casi me muero cuando vi esto ERES EL MEJOR!!!!! :pc: :)
Estoy muy contento mas que cuando cumpli mis años XD
:) :) :) :) :) eres la poll... pabloko. :celeryman-1418247558: :celeryman-1418247558: :celeryman-1418247558:
Se ve interesante
thanks pop
only one byte

ida pro is a powerful tool
Great thanks ;)
GG EASY :celeryman-1418247558:
thanks :)
Cute, it took the script kiddie community over a year to find out that this €5,- product has virtually no security in its trial version, well done! This simply proves a few things to me;

* You guys are poor as hell, probably from a third world country or something... That's okay
* You guys have no knowledge about this technology whatsoever, which is interesting. A year to find that one instruction, haha :lol:
* I've given the product for free to people who could not afford it, you could have just asked :)

You made me giggle, this was fun! Especially when the 'tough' script kiddie mailed me via a temporary email account, but I quickly discovered who it was...

Enjoy your free version of Draw guys, I hope you can make the best of it! ;) If you still want to support development on this plugin or new products you might use in the future, you may donate any amount of money to Imagine Programming via my website; http://www.imagine-programming.com/donate.html

You don't have to though, but it finances the software I produce.

Bas Groothedde,
Imagine Programming
Hey bas take sam of this present for ya m8


To be accurate, no one spent a year triying to break ur bullshit, it was more like 1 minute, im glad u enjoyed it. :penguin:

we did this for fun, now all ur next works sounds as challenge :dealwithit-1414024955:

welcome to this forum where we share all sources to relly help people learn instead get their money (its a 3rd world habit huehueh) and as i remember you can also donate to this forum to help spreading knoweledge instead bullshit :evilburns-1417755772:
I'm not butthurt mate, and I'm seriously doubting it took your slow mind only one minute. That doesn't really matter though, as most of my software is free (and 5 euros is virtually free too, but hell ;)).

I've contributed to open source and freeware world more than you ever will buddy. It's just that, some people do appreciate it, and some people want free stuff to be even more free. I actually do the work I do for the people who appreciate it, many of these people have been given a free license to Draw and IMXLH. I only add a price tag to some projects to compensate for the work that has gone in :)

Don't worry about any next stuff you have to pay for in AMS world by me, AMS developers are a dying breed. I've been investing my time in other open source and freeware projects that actually pay off.

I also sincerely meant it when I said "Enjoy your free version of Draw guys", considering I had my fun and I know people like yourself wouldn't pay for it anyhow. Don't release any official software with it though, you know that'll be against the law =) As long as you don't use a real name when you release shit, it should be okay.
Gracias haha
k now stop criying pls :lifeishard:

btw who the hell will use that crap on professional work xddd

Pabloko escribió:k now stop criying pls :lifeishard:

btw who the hell will use that crap on professional work xddd

Haha is that the only reply you know of? Pathetic.

Seriously though, the way you're communicating to people and the way you are acting tells me that real professional work will never come to you. "ANYWAYS tl;dr" also tells me what kind of person you are, rather sad.

I've wasted enough time here, have fun wasting time on cracking (it's not called a hacker btw, but a cracker... gg) plugins that cost 5 euros and have virtually no protection whatsoever. Real professional.
wow im impressed :badass-1417750950: jk